Running, writing and body image

Ok, admittedly when you listen to the lyrics this song is a little ‘rapey’… but that aside, I am still running! *cheers myself* 😀 I’m not managing my 3 x 5Ks a week any more but I’m still averaging about one trip a week and I’ve just ordered my winter running stuff (new stuff is… Continue reading Running, writing and body image

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I don’t hate my body.

I don’t hate my body. I think it’s worth acknowledging that. Especially with talk of losing weight, running and changing my diet. None of those things mean that I hate my body. I love my body now and I will love it if and when it changes. You can want to change things about your… Continue reading I don’t hate my body.

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My reluctant running story.

One of the first promises I made when I started the Janie’s School fundraising idea was that I WOULD NEVER RUN A MARATHON. Now this might still be true but having spent years proclaiming loudly that: I. Am. Not. A. Runner. I have started running. Yup. True story. Let me give you a bit of… Continue reading My reluctant running story.