Running, writing and body image

Ok, admittedly when you listen to the lyrics this song is a little ‘rapey’… but that aside, I am still running! *cheers myself* πŸ˜€


I’m not managing my 3 x 5Ks a week any more but I’m still averaging about one trip a week and I’ve just ordered my winter running stuff (new stuff is ALWAYS motivating). Doing 5K each time but not really managing to run even half the distance wasn’t helping me improve. Instead I’ve been concentrating on hitting 10,000 steps a day walking and running is about running as much as possible (even if it’s a really shit distance) so that I can really work on my endurance. I can walk for freaking miles and miles so I don’t need to improve that – I need to improve how long I can run for!

Body wise I’m also feeling really good. Some of you may remember that last year I wrote about winter being a difficult time mentally but I’m happy to report that this year I’m feeling really strong. I’ve been taking vitamin D (as recommended to me last year by Jane) and B12 regularly for the past few weeks and it really is helping (may be psychosomatic but who cares). The ones I’m taking are in spray form from where you can also get a pack to do a blood test for vitamin D levels (I did it and found it useful). I like the spray because it makes you feel like you’re getting a boost right there and then. Plus they taste nice.

Apart from that I’m regularly writing morning pages and taking part in Nanowrimo (National novel writing month) which has always really helped me to put things in perspective. I was having a chat with my friend David last night about a question I often ask in workshops: “Is that really the situation or just your perception of it?”. I realised today that the reason I think to ask that question is because it’s something I ask my brain now whenever I feel down. It’s a great exercise to help you recognise the times you have something to be down about and times when depression is lying to you.

As always, my trusty podcasts keep me challenged, entertained and always learning. The Writers Panel from nerdist is great inspiration for Nanowrimo, Marc Marron’s WTF and Pete Holmes’ You Made It Weird are my go-to’s at the mo. Listening to inspiring people is so motivating when you’re not quite feeling your own success.

One final note on body image. I was home a couple weeks ago and had the joy of going to Isla’s (my niece) primary school Halloween party. Of course I dressed up (though I went for the super non scary). I decided to go as ‘the day before halloween’ in a pink tutu, leotard and cloud rainbow top with a rainbow painted across my face. Although I still love ballet, I am not built like a ballerina. I thought it would still be cool to show little girls that you can be a ballerina at any size. Not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous a few days before that I would look ridiculous but honestly, I felt great (about looking ridiculous)!

6 thoughts on “Running, writing and body image

  1. First time I’ve ever read your stuff………,I quite like it! And I love your ballerina outfit! Stick with the running, I too wasn’t a runner but this year completed my first half marathon! I came 10 from last but I don’t care, I still did it!!! X

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