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I don’t hate my body.

I don’t hate my body. I think it’s worth acknowledging that. Especially with talk of losing weight, running and changing my diet. None of those things mean that I hate my body. I love my body now and I will love it if and when it changes. You can want to change things about your body without hating it. I appreciate it’s strength, flexibilty and overall health and for getting me this far. I’m going to make sure I keep taking care of it so that it will see me well into the future. I love my body.


If you’ve ever done HeadspaceΒ or mindfulness meditation, you’ll be familiar with the whole “check list” as you go down your body and register how each bit feels. That’s how I feel about my brain at the moment. I’m analysing every feeling and emotion (not to sound too clinical). If I feel down, I try to objectively listen and acknowledge that feeling and where it’s coming from. Is it real? Is there a reason or is it irrational and most likely part of living in a constant state of mild depression?

I’m lucky that I have that choice (and I don’t always). There have been times that no matter what methods I used, medication was the only escape from the darkness. By being more aware and present in my brain I’m trying to make sure I avoid ever getting to that point again while at the same time not judging myself for being there.

So, having checked in with my brain and body, I’m currently in love with both πŸ˜€

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