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I wear your face (but not in a creepy way)

I wear your face, but not in a creepy way. It stares back at me from the mirror every single day. You never leave me and that’s sometimes hard. It hits me most when I moisturise. I count the years when I touch our skin and try to wear them with grace and gratitude. I see… Continue reading I wear your face (but not in a creepy way)

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Let’s talk about depression

It’s taken me more than a decade but I’m proud that I can pick up on signs of burnout, anxiety or depression and take steps to minimise their impact. Great! It’s only part of the story though. It leaves out the less positive  reality that when these things happen, one of my coping mechanisms is to remove myself from… Continue reading Let’s talk about depression


Running, writing and body image

Ok, admittedly when you listen to the lyrics this song is a little ‘rapey’… but that aside, I am still running! *cheers myself* 😀 I’m not managing my 3 x 5Ks a week any more but I’m still averaging about one trip a week and I’ve just ordered my winter running stuff (new stuff is… Continue reading Running, writing and body image

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I don’t hate my body.

I don’t hate my body. I think it’s worth acknowledging that. Especially with talk of losing weight, running and changing my diet. None of those things mean that I hate my body. I love my body now and I will love it if and when it changes. You can want to change things about your… Continue reading I don’t hate my body.

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My reluctant running story.

One of the first promises I made when I started the Janie’s School fundraising idea was that I WOULD NEVER RUN A MARATHON. Now this might still be true but having spent years proclaiming loudly that: I. Am. Not. A. Runner. I have started running. Yup. True story. Let me give you a bit of… Continue reading My reluctant running story.

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Challenge your own mental models

If you’ve not thought about it before, here is Jay Wright Forrester’s definition: “The image of the world around us, which we carry in our head, is just a model. Nobody in his head imagines all the world, government or country. He has only selected concepts, and relationships between them, and uses those to represent… Continue reading Challenge your own mental models

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Teenage depression

I was 19 the first time I was put on anti depressants. I was a student and after 2 months of very little sleep the doctor prescribed them for insomnia. She explained that she didn’t want to put me on sleeping pills because they were too addictive. Looking back the signs of anxiety and depression… Continue reading Teenage depression